"We're talking about employees of 100 employees or less. There are about 35 million of those businesses around the world sand they spend about $12 billion/year on routing, switching, storage, telecom gear, and wireless. So it's a very big market. Our market share between Linksys and Cisco is small - less than 10% - though it is a significant new opportunity for us to go after.""The biggest problem we are solving is when you think about being a small business owner you're stuck having to buy from a Chinese menu, technologies that you need for your business and you're often stuck trying to make them work yourself or you have to pay someone to configure the firewall, the switch, the PBX, key system, and so it's really really tough on the small business owner. On top of that he has to deal with multiple providers of service whether it's voice, or Internet access, or conferencing, and so forth, and so he has to deal with these different places where he acquired service from. Lastly, one of the biggest challenges is if something breaks, or there is a flood and he has to relocate his business, his business could be severely compromised since it could take months to get back up and running. Today, small businesses do not have a good disaster recovery solution in place today. Linksys One addresses these issues."